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VII General Meeting Gdynia February 16th, 2018                         VII   General   Meeting   of   the   Polish   Ship   Managers’   Association   took place on February 16th in Gdynia.              President of the Management Board - Irek Kuligowski - was elected as the Chairman of the Meeting and Radoslaw Stefaniak was chosen as the Recording Secretary. During the Meeting, following reports were presented to the Members and Supporting Members: 1) activity of the Management Board in 2017; 2) activity of the Audit Committee in 2017; 3) PSMA activity as advisors to the Tripartite Group; 4) cooperation in organizing events like MARE FORUM Poland or Shipmanagement Panel at the Maritime Economy Forum; 5) Promotion activity of PSMA in Poland and abroad; 6) PSMA Best Graduate Award 2017 - as it happened; 7) Efforts made by PSMA to join European organizations comprising of shipowners & ship managers. 8) Status of adaptation to GDPR requirements. Based on the above mentioned reports, the Members approved discharge of the Management Board&Audit Committee Members and decided to expand the Management Board from three to five persons - with Dariusz Jellonnek (V Ships) and Michał Czerepaniak (Polaris) joining the Board along Ireneusz Kuligowski (President), Sławomir Kalicki & Piotr Masny. Furthermore,   Project   Żegluga   Fairplay   Towage   Polska   sp.   z   o.o.   sp.k.   became the 17th  Member of Association. Representatives    of    the    Members    &    Supporting    Members    then    entered    into discussion    about    the    activities    of    the    Association    for    the    year    2018.    It    was agreed   that   PSMA   should   begin   intensive   promotion   efforts   abroad   in   order   to attract   foreign   shipowners   and   ship   managers   to   Poland   to   create   new   ship managagement   business.   Germany,   Scandinavian   countries   and   former   Soviet Republics were assessed to be the most promising destinations for such efforts. PSMA   would   also   continue   efforts   supporting   proposed   legislation   to   change seafarers’   tax   &   social   security   contributions   as   well   as   improving   the   legal status of the ship manager in the Polish law system.