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“Costly and (wholly) preventable off-hire” by Grzegorz Kuligowski The   member   of   the   Polish   Ship   Managers’   Association   (PSMA)   –   Green Management   sp.   z   o.o.   has   just   been   informed   by   his   professional   (Vessel’s technical   management)   Indemnity   Insurer   ITIC   about   a   recent,   interesting case - which factual background I will try to present below: One     of     the     Vessels,     which     Technical     Manager     had     under     his management,    was    a    bulk    carrier,    which    called    quite    regularly    at    an Australian port to load iron ore there. The   Vessel   apparently   have   had   technical   problem   with   its   winch   though   it   was   still   operational,   it’s   pinion   gear   was   allegedly   worn   and   in need   of   replacement.   Ship   Manager   has   been   informed   about   this   problem and    the    possibility    of    malfunction,    however    he    did    not    take    any    action whatsoever. It   is   obvious   that   in   the   cases   like   the   one   mentioned   above   –   Vessel’s Master   shall   officially   notify   his   Ship   Manager   about   the   existing   problem   as soon   as   possible      by   sending   an   e-mail   containing   a   proper   report   (showing the   scale   of   technical   failure   and   proposing   suggestions   for   repair   and   /   or replacement   of   spare   part/s).   Based   on   this   report,   Technical   Manager   shall follow   proper   ISM   Code   regulations      (implemented   into   internal   Technical Manager’s   Company   Rules   &   Procedures)   and   organize   necessary   repairs   as soon as practically possible. Over    the    following    months,    the    Vessel    called    on    a    number    of occasions   at   the   same   port.   Each   time   Vessel’s   Master   was   informing   the Pilots    about    existing    problem    and    apparently    pilots    were    satisfied    that, given   the   mooring   lines   could   be   lifted   by   the   winch,   the   vessel   was   able   to berth safely. The   situation   continued   until   the   moment   when   one   Pilot   refused   to accept   the   Master’s   assurances   and   did   not   allow   the   vessel   to   port   and   to berth.   The   Pilot   spoke   to   the   Harbour   Master,   who   instructed   the   Vessel   to proceed   to   the   anchorage   until   the   winch   could   be   repaired   (most   likely until classification society satisfaction). continue to page 2