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IX General Meeting Gdynia, March 14th, 2019 The   IX   General   Meeting   of   the   Polish   Ship   Managers   Association   was   held   in Gdynia on March 14, 2019 in the Hotton Hotel. The   meeting   was   opened   by   the   President   of   the   Management   Board,   Mr. Ireneusz    Kuligowski    -    Chairman    of    the    Meeting,    together    with    the    Deputy Chairman    -    Mr.    Adam    Bołądź    and    the    Recording    Secretary    -    Radoslaw Stefaniak. During   the   meeting,   a   report   was   presented   to   the   Members   and   Supporting Members regarding: 1) activities of the Management Board in 2018; 2) activities of the Audit Committee for 2018; 3) the activity of the Association as advisers to the Tripartite Group; 4)   efforts   by   the   Association   to   join   European   shipowners   'and   ship   managers' organizations; 5)   participation   in   important   events,   i.e.   presentation   of Assn   during   the   Danish Maritime     Days     and     the     SHIPMANAGEMENT     panel     at     the     MARITIME ECONOMY FORUM in Gdynia; 5)   promotional   activities   of   the   Polish   Ship   Managers'   Association   in   Poland and abroad; 6) report on the II edition of Competition for the Best Graduate Student Award 7)   a   detailed   report   on   the   progress   of   the   draft   act   on   taxes   and   social security, which was one of the key projects of the Association in 2018 After   confirming   the   capacity   of   the   Assembly,   the   following   resolutions   were adopted: 1)   approval   of   the   reports   of   the   Board   and   the Audit   Committee   as   well   as   the partial financial report (Secretary Info) of the Association for 2018; 2)   approval   of   discharge   for   the   members   of   the   Management   Board   and   the Audit Committee; 3) approval of the amount of membership fee in 2019-2020; 4) approval of the PSMA budget forthe years 2019-2020. 5) the Association's action plan for the year 2019-2020 Polskie    Ratownictwo    Okrętowe,    after    a    year,    has    returned    to    the    list    of Association's members. The number of PSMA Members has grown to 19. The   President   of   the   Board,   Mr.   Ireneusz   Kuligowski,   expressed   that   after   52 years   of   his   professional   career   he   would   like   to   retire   from   the   function   of   the President   of   the   Management   Board,   but   he   still   intends   to   actively   participate in    the    life    of    the    Association    for    another    few    months    in    a    different    role. Sławomir   Kalicki   and   Piotr   Masny   also   declared   that   they   are   stepping   down from  Board, but also intend to remain active in the PSMA..  [NEXT PAGE]