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PSMA at the FGM 2017 Gallery
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PSMA as Good Corporate Member of Maritime Society Maritime Economy Forum 2017 October 13th, 2017 Maritime   Economy   Forum   [Polish:   Forum   Gospodarki   Morskiej]   is   one   of   the   most important    events    in    the    Polish    maritime    calendar.    PSMA,    ever    aspiring    to    an increasingly important role and to look at least “one step forward”, Members   of   the   Management   Board   of   PSMA   –   President   Irek   Kuligowski   [Green Management   sp.   z   o.o.]   &   Piotr   Masny   [Seatrans   Ship   Management   Poland   sp.   z   o.o.] together    with    Vice-President    of    Gdynia    –    Katarzyna    Gruszecka-Spychała    and    the Director   of   the   Pomeranian   Special   Economic   Zone   –   Paweł   Lulewicz   took   part   in   the “Men and Money” broadcast by Radio Gdańsk [host: Iwona Wysocka] The    most    important    issue    addressed    during    the    program    was    the    lack    of    social awareness   regarding   the   importance   of   the   maritime   economy   to   the   overall   Polish economy   as   well   as   how   present   tax   and   social   security   regulations   hamper   the   process of   “return   of   ships   under   the   Polish   Flag”.   Especially   when   there   is   a   noticeable   and irreversible   trend   to   think   of   the   Flag   as   a   measure   to   achieve   objectives   [i.e.   fiscal] instead of looking at the Flag as a goal in itself. Furthermore,    Poland,    with    the    use    of    its    own    unchecked    potential,    is    capable    of creating    a    unique    world-class    ship    management    center    i.e.    POMERANIAN    SHIP MANAGEMENT CENTER. Competition   for   the   PSMA Award   for   Best   Graduate   Student   of   the   Maritime Academy is   the   next   initiative   of   the   Association.   Its   goal   is   give   “a   good   start”   to   the   best graduates   starting   their   own   careers   as   well   as   propagating   the   ship   management   ideas in the Polish society. The      Winner   of   the   1st   Edition   is   Adrian   Groman   [Faculty   of   Navigation   &   Naval Weapons,   Naval   Academy   in   Gdynia],   while   the   2nd   and   3rd   places   were   taken   by Aleksander    Wolak    (Faculty    of    Navigation,    Maritime    Economy    of    Szczecin)    and Kamila Kaffka (Faculty of Navigation, Maritime Economy of Gdynia), respectively. Minister of Maritime Economy & Inland Navigation Marek Gróbarczyk, together with Members   of   the   Organization   Committee   [Pres.MBoard   PSMA   Ireneusz   Kuligowski [Green   Management   sp.   z   o.o.   together   with   Management   Board   Members   -   Sławomir Kalicki    [Inter    Marine    sp.    z    o.o.,    Forum    Leader]    &    Piotr    Masny    [    Seatrans    Ship Management Poland sp. z o.o., Panel Leader] presented the award to the best students. Next Edition of the Competition will be announced in February 2018. [read   more   about   the   Ship   Management   Panel   during   the   Maritime   Economy Forum 2017]
Photos: C.Spigarski [Oficyna Morska], R.Stefaniak