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VI Information & Promotion Meeting “How Maritime Support Services may contribute to the creation of the Pomeranian Ship Management Center?”  Gdynia, September 7th, 2017 The VI   Information   &   Promotion   Meeting   [IPM]   took   place   in   the Assembly   Hall of   the   Maritime   School   in   Gdynia,   on   Polska   13a   St.   The   main   topic   of   the meeting   was   devoted   to   the   potential   role   of   the   Maritime   Support   Services   in creating the Pomeranian Ship Management Center. As   during   the   previous   IPM’s,   this   IPM   gathered   numerous   guests   representing shipowners,   classification   societies,   banks,   Maritime   Academies   in   Gdynia   and Szczecin,   University   of   Gdansk,   shipyards   [Remontowa,   Nauta,   SMW],   spare part providers, paint producers and many other “last but not least” guests. The    Meeting    started    with    a    short    presentation    by    the    Members    of    the Management   Board   -   Irek   Kuligowski   &   Slawomir   Kalicki,   who   presented report    on    the    activities    of    the    Association    during    the    April-August    period, especially   mentioning   high   activity   of   the   PSMA   as   advisors   to   the   Tripartite Commitee   as   well   as   Sponsors   of   the   2nd   Mare   Forum   Poland   [May   16th,   2017]. They   also   presented   the   laureates   of   the   1st   Edition   of   the   PSMA   Best   Graduate Student Award. The   award   ceremony   is   scheduled   to   take   place   during   the   incoming   Maritime Economy   Forum   2017.   PSMA   will   also   lead   the   ship   management   panel   of   the event.  Next,    instructors    and    authors    led    by    Zbigniew    Byczyński     demonstrated    the newest    3D    Simulators    available    -    including    the    enigneering    room    and    DP Simulator. After   this   presentation,   Special   Guest   -   Aleksander   Niemas    presented   the   newest offer   of   the   MARCURA   Group    in   the   field   of   financial   services,   with   emphasis   s on providing smooth payments of seafarers as well as capital transfers. The last presentation was delivered by  Joanna Feret representing the newest Supporting Member of the Association - Medica Assistance S.A.  The company offering specialized medical services for both seafarers and their families.  The Meeting then proceeded to the hall of the Maritime School, where guests - during the dinner - discussed the issues outlined during the Information Phase of the Meeting. Next, VII IPM is scheduled to take place in January 2018.
VI IPM - Gallery
Photos: C.Spigarski [Oficyna Morska]          Cz. Romanowski [PROMARE sp. z o.o.]