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VII Information & Promotion Meeting Gdynia February 15th, 2018 PSMA’s    VII    Information    and    Promotion    Meeting    took    place    on February   15 th    in   the   Pomeranian   Science   and   Technology   Park   in Gdynia. The meeting was inaugurated by Members of the Management Board – President Irek Kuligowski and Piotr Masny, who welcomed participants and presented results of PSMA’s activity during the 2017 as well as main strategy goals for the year 2018. In order to promote Poland as dynamically growing ship management center, cooperation between partners active in different spheres of maritime economy as well as analysis of functioning solutions – is extremely important. Special Guests from Malta – Godwin Xerri and Silvan Fleri from Combined Maritime Services presented the newest legal solutions with regards to tonnage tax, ship registration, mortgage – all these factors combined skyrocketed Malta to position of one of the most reliable flags in the world. Next, dr Katarzyna Skrzeszewska (Maritime Economy of Gdynia) presented the results of her statistical research into Poland’s role in the whole maritime economy scope. The last presentation of the evening was conducted by Cpt Tadeusz Hatalski from the National Development Center (an advisory body to the President of the Republic of Poland – Andrzej Duda), who presented his ideas on the course of action needed to prevent disappearance of the Polish flag from the world seas. Overall, the conclusion was as follows – despite immense potential of Poland as a ship management center – this potential can not be realized without the political will necessary to change the situation regarding the taxation & social security of seafarers. Over 50-60% of all operating expenses (worldwide) of shipowners/shipoperators consists of crew costs – this means that this issue shall be given priority during any discussion about developing maritime economy in Poland.