VIII Information & Promotion Meeting Gallery
Photo: C.Spigarski [Oficyna Morska]
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VIII Information & Promotion Meeting Polish Ship Management as a driving force of the Polish Maritime Economy                VIII   General   Meeting   of   the   Polish   Ship   Managers’   Association   took place   on   April   19th   in   Gdynia.      The   main   topic   of   the   meeting   was   to present   potential   of   Polish   ship   management   as   a   driving   force   of   the Polish Maritime Economy in the years to come. Since    last    meeting,    our    Assn    expanded    by    one    Member    - Zegluga   Gdanska   sp.   z   o.o.      -   which   is   noted   for   operating   all   of   its ships   under   the   Polish   Flag   -   thus   bringing   the   total   number   of   PSMA Full Members to 18.  During   the   meeting   PSMA   Management   Board   officialy   presented   the PSMA   Draft   Act   on   amending   certain   laws   in   order   to   facilitate   registration   of ships   under   the   Polish   flag.   This   initiative   aims   at   improving   the   market chances   of   the   Polish   shipping   companies   by   creating   a   comprehensive and   feasible   tax   and   social   security   system   for   seafarers   thus   allowing both   them   and   Polish   shipping   companies   to   stay   competitive   within the    guidelines    of    the    EC    Communication    on    State    Aid    to    Maritime Transport. Next,   Henrik   Bach   presented   the   DNV   GL   approach   to   cyber   security for   shipping   companies,   involving   different   areas   of   responsibility   as well as levels of critical infrastructure. Second   presentation   of   the   evening   was   conducted   by   Special   Guests from   United   Kingdom   -   Bill   Reeves   and   Ian   McQuade   from   Portland Port    Authority    together    with    Slawomir    Kalicki    from    Management Board   of   PSMA   presented   the   up   to   date   achievemnts   of   cooperation with   Inter   Marine,   especially   in   the   field   of   port   facilities   and   realization of   big   government   contracts   (not   excluding   the   construction   of   two newest RN aircraft carriers). The    Final    presentation    of    the    evening    was    presented    by    Henryk Zawadzki   and   Michal   Maziec   from   Wilhelmsen   Ships   Service   Poland sp.   z   o.o.   The   company   has   largely   expanded   its   operations   in   Poland and   in   the   Baltic   States,   based   on   assessment   of   potential   for   marine servicing     operations     in     the     region.     This     step     resulted     in     the reorganization of structure which was presented during the meeting. The   overall   conclusion   of   the   meeting   was   such   that   Polish   shipping and   supporting   companies   are   well   positioned   to   be   the   driving   force   of the   maritime   economy   not   only   in   Poland   but   also   in   Europe.   Only drawbacks   in   the   legal   sphere   (especially   in   the   field   of   social   security and   taxation   of   seafarers)   are   keeping   in   check   the   full   potential   -   once these   are   removed ,   it   will   be   a   major   step   towards   creating   Pomeranian Ship Management Center.